Some of our Yorkies 
Our Yorkies are very much a part of our family.  They are socialized from the day they are born.  Look at the contentment.
We pride ourselves on how happy they are to greet friends and visitors alike.  All of our Yorkies love to play. They love every person whether big or small. 
There's nothing like having a Yorkshire Terrier in your life.  You may have had other dogs that were fabulous before but a Yorkie is totally different.  The bond between a Yorkie and its family is something unbelievable.  They really know you.  They understand your day.  They have a kharma that will wend its way into your life like no other creature can.  They are the best travelling companions.  They can go anywhere, they can take part in anything.  We even had one that was amazing at herding sheep.  They are bold and sassy but also they are soft, cuddly and loving.  When they snuggle with you they are truly a part of you.  They like to be with you.  They'll even understand when you need your space.  They know what happens when.  They learn your schedule and they even make sure you get up on time.  You go to bed on time.  They know when the kids or your spouse is due home.  They have little internal clocks that never fail.  Just the most excellent friends to have around.  They are wonderful, delightful little dogs.  Try a Yorkie and you'll be in love with them forever.

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